Dipping my toes in new territory…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything, and I apologize. Between illnesses running rampant in the family and a couple of side trips in between, life’s been crazy up the wazoo.

Not to mention…

Yes, pigs do fly. I’ve started working on my first book collection of Pajama Diaries strips. Woo! I don’t know how many times readers have asked me if a book was on its way and how often I’ve delayed doing one. I’ve had good intentions, but honestly, it’s a huge undertaking. And working six days a week doesn’t make it any easier.

But enough excuses. I’ve vowed this year is going to be IT. I hope. I think. Well, maybe…

No, no, it’s really happening. Hubby and I have already done a lot of the leg work, and we won’t turn back now. But please don’t ask me about a time frame yet, because it’s hard enough figuring out when I’m getting my next haircut. Let’s just say I’m hoping within a year (the book, not the haircut).

So we’ll leave it at that and I’ll keep you posted (still talking about the book).

Till then, back to the drawing board.