Australian Ancient Redgum

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

I went to a community consultation held by South East Water on Tuesday evening. It was a great mix of all sorts of people from different suburbs and of different ages. I met a really cool woman there called Annetine who regularly makes expeditions to the Red Centre (Aussie desert) with friends of hers, despite being in her 70s. An inspiriation.

Mungo National Park (via The Age)

She passed me her card and I looked up her web site and was glad to read this:

Ancient Redgum Australia reinvests all profits from sales into a small research grant offered through the Museum of Victoria. The grant allows students to research the evolution of these trees.  They are encouraged to learn more about climate’s role in the demise of the trees and how those changes relate to current climate change issues.

Good on you, Annetine!