The tunnel under Flinders Street is bloody brilliant

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Update 11th Feb: And it flooded today but people kept walking through

The tunnel from Flinders Street Station, Platform 1 has always enthralled me. First of all, it pops out by the waffle stand in Degraves Street, like some glorious secret passageway. Second, it has just sprouted a new coffee shop, which I will try, when I have my keepcup with me, as I didn’t want to take a disposable cup.

the underground coffee shop

Third, it has eclectic exhibitions put on by the platform artists group. The last was on the station itself, but the current is on zines – hurrah!!

Part of the exhibition on zine production

The exhibition helped me find the work of Pat Grant. Is this guy in the ACA? I hope so....

NB.There is a fab little zine store in the subterranean arcade and leafing through its contents is like being in a real life version of the internet, with crazy juxtapositions, useful info and a lot of random stuff.