Oscar in Antarctica Series

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

This is the series that ran recently. It was fun to write and had a great response.

Oscar the penguin is homesick for Antarctica

carbon offsetting the flight

I wrote this after reading about a real solar-powered blimp

The boyf and I are waiting to watch series 5 of The Wire, which has yet to be released in Australia. He makes me watch with the English subtitles on AND he's American!

the blimp pops

Oscar the penguin takes the greyhound bus

on a research ship bound for the Antarctic

Oscar's mother is not very maternal

his old crush - Gwen

this bullying penguin is named after my editor...who is a sweetie really

Ed gives advice from the Arctic

an Antarctic duel

global warming emergency escape plan

a Hollywood ending in Antarctica

I used to like the toys inside the Kinder Surprise eggs a lot more than the chocolate itself

neglect of parenting duties

sometimes running away is the only way...in the short term

Oscar returns to the Arctic