By Jeremy Meltingtallow

We visited a lot of wineries on our trip to Margaret River, WA (20), and some of it is a blur, but one of my favourites was Kerfuffle. I admit that I gravitated towards it because of the name, but the boyf discovered that it had a good reputation too. We called to make an appointment (after a rather unwelcome visit to Random Valley wines, we couldn’t be too careful) and rocked up 45 minutes later to find Ben had put together a comprehensive tasting for just us. Ben is a great marketer (hence the name of the winery and the “Humdinger” blend) and dips each bottle in a tub of wax to let it drip into a distinctive seal.

The mostly organic range of Kerfuffle wines

Ben and Henry the dog show us round the vineyard. This is Shiraz, which grows like a weed

Pest Controllers

Although Kerfuffle isn’t certified organic, they spray as little as possible and use natural forms of pest control, like chooks and guinea fowl.

And the wine tastes great!