Methinks I doth protest too much

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Thursday was a last minute protest against the planned export of dirty brown coal to India (how can the Brumby government be going this and still put adverts in the paper about black balloons and reducing emissions?!).

On the steps of the Victorian parliament

A tram goes by on Spring Street

Saturday was a day of global protest to demand action on climate change (International Day of Climate Action) and to urge that we target 350ppm as a safe level of carbon in the atmostphere.

We assembled at the Melbourne Museum

I then discovered I had a puncture and had to change my tyre as everyone else pedalled off on a slow bicycle ride around the city streets.

I was very proud that my boyfriend did the ride without me!

We sat in Alexandra Gardens to make a 350 sign and a blimp took a photo, we hope!