St Kilda Penguin Watch 2009/2010

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Earthcare St Kilda seeks boardwalkers to watch over penguins

I’m a member of Earthcare St Kilda in Melbourne and they are seeking volunteers to join our Penguin Guide team on St Kilda pier during the daylight saving period (from mid – October to March).

Members of the team will be rostered to supervise public penguin viewing at the pier from dusk until around 10.00 pm, including:

  • The provision of information to visitors on the characteristics and habits of penguins, and
  • Minimising the impact of visitors on the colony through education about the use of camera flashes and white light torches.

No previous penguin knowledge or experience is needed as all training and equipment will be provided by Earthcare St Kilda to volunteers.

Attendance at one training session on the afternoon of Sunday 27th September, a willingness to be rostered on duty at least once per fortnight and plenty of enthusiasm is all we require.

For further information or to register your interest, please contact

Kim Cowie at Earthcare St Kilda on 0413 433 111