Comic Spotlight

Greetings from Rhymes With Orange World Headquarters, Blogging Annex

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Welcome!  We’ve cleared out a tiny broom closet on the 4th floor of World Headquarters to allow Willamena Von Moving Von, the only intern of six to complete the typing test and the 45 minute swim, to set up shop and start blogging.  Please welcome Willamena.  

Hi everyone!  I’m Willamena and I actually wrote my own introduction above, because frankly, no one around here knows what they’re doing.  My job description (and guess who had to write that ) is keep people posted on various goings on with rbma_rhymeswithorange_com (Rhymes With Orange) and HBP (Hilary B. Price.)  I know, snore. I’ll do my best considering what little I have to work with.

The first thing is actually kind of cool, because it has to do with celebrities– the smartest, most beautiful, happiest people in the world.  Everyone I work with is too lame to subscribe to People, but I do see the inside cover of Parade magazine on Sunday.  HBP is not on this page of Parade (of course not! Duh!)  but they’ve started to run a few of her cartoons in the back.

Here’s the first, which ran when Reese Witherspoon was on the cover.  Reese Witherspoon!  Legally Blonde! They made it into a musical! I saw it on MTV.

"Dang it, Williams, this is football!  Stop referring to this as the 'huggle.'"