My Inner Tomboy…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

I’ve never had a typical “girly” sense of humor. I hate “chick lit” and – other than Lynda Barry – was never particularly influenced by female cartoonists. Not that I don’t admire or read comic strips by other women. I absolutely do and I have…but I don’t necessarily seek them out over other ones.

An interesting fact: before Pajama Diaries, most of the cartoon protagonists I developed were men. They were always alter egos of myself and weren’t overtly feminine (other than displaying a few of my klutzy/neurotic tendencies). For some reason, on paper I used to feel more comfortable in the “male” mind. Obviously, this has changed. I’m glad it has; I think the world needs more women delivering the punchlines.

Still…I was happy to take a vacation from the female mindset and introduce a two-week series from Rob’s (the husband) standpoint. This series lasts until March 15th. I did it as an homage to my own long-suffering husband whose alter ego frequently plays the “straight man” in PD. In reality, he’s actually used to being more of the source of entertainment.

This was a fun series to write…as well as a much-needed break from my feminine side. Thanks for the inspiration, Honey!

(New Year’s Resolution Update: I’ve been workin’ my tailbone off and am now FIVE days ahead…on top of the regular five-week lead time for turning in strips. This is monumental, especially since my kids have had a couple of snow days recently. Yay, me!! Let’s hope this trend lasts…)