What Started It All…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

I just had an interview with a writer from my college alumni magazine (Wahington U, St Louis). While chatting with her, I mentioned an old, irreverent college strip that I tried to get syndicated after graduation, called “Zero.” Since it was a college-based strip, editors weren’t too keen on publishing it (although many wrote nice things in their rejection letters).

I’ve always had an affinity for this cartoon. I even showed it to the King Features editor, Jay Kennedy, during the PD launch just as a fun diversion. I also whipped out his glowing rejection letter.

Thought I’d post some of those early strips, drawn back in ’92-ish. Figured they might inspire some younger cartoonists who are hoping to get syndicated, or provide them with an excuse to say, “Man, I can do sooo much better than this s**t!”

To read more about Zero click on the image