3 Down…

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

I haven’t posted anything exciting to this blog in the past two weeks because I’ve been busy working ahead yet again. I’ve now garnered three days. This probably doesn’t seem noteworthy to most people, but in Cartoon Land, it’s quite a feat. Exactly what does this mean? Well, it means I have an extra three days to check over work, change out one cartoon for another if need be, and have some extra cushion for those pesky emergencies (or a giant sale).

Actually, I don’t plan on blowing any of those days if I can help it. They’re too precious. Instead, I decided once I’m an even two weeks ahead, I’ll start earning myself an actual “vacation” day once a month. Like the corporate policy at my husband’s workplace, if I don’t use it, I’ll roll it over to the next month, and so on. Guess I’ll have my own little corporate vacation policy. Let’s hope it works.

Huh. After that little spiel, looks like I still haven’t posted anything exciting…