June 10th, 2007

My First Blog Post

by Terri Libenson

Welcome to my blog. I’ll be adding a post periodically. Each post will center around a few strips or strip series that I’d like to provide more detail about or a topic that I’d like to comment on. The goal of this blog is to start a dialog or to share ideas. Some of my best material, in my mind, comes from family/friends who relate personal experiences. Feel free to share your own.

Thanks for all of your support.



Every month or two, I include a strip captioned: “The New and Improved Parents’ Glossary of Terms.” These are dictionary spoofs that offer new definitions to aspects of parenting. This one stems from my bad habit of constantly asking my kids, “What happened?” after they get into an argument, thereby setting off more bickering and finger-pointing. The parenting experts would have my head. Ideas for the “Glossary of Terms” are always welcome. If I use your idea, I’ll be happy to thank you personally in the strip.



Okay, moms. I’d love to know if you’ve experienced any or all of these hairdo phases. This cartoon was inspired by the memory of my gorgeous pregnancy locks — the only thing I miss about pregnancy. The one style I bypassed is the last one (I’m still stuck in “ponytail” mode).


Terri with Farrah Hair

Check out my lush, immediate-post-baby Farah-do from '02 when the feathered look made a brief comeback — I couldn't get it to look like this as a kid in the seventies. My post-baby hair was about twice as thick as it is now. Thankfully, it diverted attention from the post-baby ass.


My comic strip tends to run on the snarky side. But once in a while I like to balance it with something positive or even sentimental. This strip deals with a subject that’s constantly on my mind: how grateful I am (knock wood) that I have two physically and emotionally healthy kids.

I’ve had close friends and family members with health issues, so this is something that I never take for granted and will probably always be paranoid about. To me, my kids’ well-being is what’s ultimately important. I’m sure every parent can relate.





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