Deon Parson

Deon Parson


Deon Parson, also widely recognized under the pen name “Supr Dee,” is an acclaimed Ringo-nominated syndicated newspaper cartoonist, illustrator, animator, educator, and public speaker from Indiana. With a profound passion for comic creation, Parson aims to infuse each panel with joy. He has been a professional in crafting comic strips and cartoons for newspapers and magazines since 2015.

Parson’s journey in comics and animation has been dynamic, expanding over the years to include collaborations with a diverse range of partners. From YouTubers to book publishers and gaming companies, his work has evolved while maintaining his unique features, a testament to his versatility and adaptability.

Presently, Parson is dedicated to the ongoing production of his comics “Life With Kurami,” “Pen & Ink,” and “Rosebuds.” He continues engaging in exciting collaborations, bringing his unique blend of creativity and fun to various projects and clients.