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News Around the Kingdom: INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY

Gather 'round, villagers, as you hear the most exciting news from around Comics Kingdom!


Thursday, March 8th, was International Women's Day, a day to shine a spotlight on the past achievements, present struggles and future potential of women everywhere. Comics Kingdom celebrated the occasion with a special collection of cartoons from many of our King Features artists. Learn more about the project in this great article from the Washington Post, and see all the special tributes gathered here.



Hilary Price of RHYMES WITH ORANGE highlighted the fun and puns of Purim in her most recent Charming-Yet -Infrequent Newsletter. She'll share more about the intersection of cartooning and culture in her upcoming presentation, "Hanukkomics: Cartoons About Jewish Culture and Holidays," this Wednesday, March 14, in San Francisco. Find out more here



The Daily News-Record newspaper in Harrisonburg, Virginia, hosted the very first book signing for John Rose's brand new SNUFFY SMITH book collection, "THE BODACIOUS BEST OF SNUFFY SMITH." Read about the signing here and order your own book here.



 You may have seen Mike Shelton's editorial cartoons here on Comics Kingdom or in your local paper, but did you know he also creates animated versions? Watch and agree/argue over at





March 4th was the 90th Academy Awards,and Dan Piraro thought an appropriate cartoon was needed for the occasion. In his own words: "Batman has been played by many actors over the years, but here we are finally given a glimpse of the toll that being inhabited by so many personalities has taken on him."

No matter which Batman (or Batwoman) you are, we'll see you back here next week! 

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