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Ask the Archivist: QUEENIE

This week, The Archivist takes a look back at a forgotten panel that began fifty years ago. Queenie was created by Phil Interlandi (1924-2002), one of the most popular magazine gag cartoonists ever. The Archivist also has an important announcement for those who like our Vintage Comics... Keep Reading

Ask A Cartoonist: Museums!

All cartoonists love art-- what's not to love? And of course, when we create visual art all day, it's nice to step away from our desks and look at art that other people are creating, or learn more about history, science, and everything we miss when we're hunched over the drawing board!

This week, I asked our cartoonists to talk about their favorite museums and museum stories! Keep Reading

King Features Cartoonists at TCAF!

This past weekend, King Features cartoonists made a splash at TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) on a panel called "Newspaper Comics in a Digital World."

Moderated by Rina Piccolo of Tina's Groove and Six Chix, Terri Libenson of The Pajama Diaries and Sandra Bell-Lundy of Between Friends were joined by Jonathan Mahood of Bleeker the Rechargeable Dog, which was formerly available on Comics Kingdom, Dana Simpson of Phoebe and her Unicorn, and Paul Gilligan of Pooch Café. Keep Reading

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