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Ask A Cartoonist: The Sporting Life!

With the Olympics drawing to a close, we all need some new sporting entertainment!

I think it's easy to get an image in our heads of cartoonists as indoors-types, hunched over a drawing table, so this week, I asked our cartoonists to tell us about their own athletic interests. Whether competitive sports or solitary activities, sports they play or sports they watch-- or even sports their characters play-- sports are a big part of lots of cartoonists' lives!
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Editor's Dispatch: Olympic Fever!

The Olympics are coming to a close, and it's been so great to watch so many amazing athletes perform over the past weeks!

One of my favorite things about the comic pages is seeing those special things that draw the attention of many different cartoonists. Everyone has a different sense of humor and insight into something that is in all of our lives, and it's so much fun to see all those various viewpoints at work. Here's a selection of Olympics comics for you all! Keep Reading

Ask A Cartoonist: Jokers!

Cartoonists are funny people-- you have to be, to produce a comic strip every day! This week, I asked our cartoonists to take their humor outside the strip, and tell me about their favorite jokes that aren't reliant on a comic format for a laugh-- whether they're stand-up comedy, sight gags, or good old knock-knocks, here are the best-- and worst-- jokes from our cartoonists! Keep Reading

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