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Ask A Cartoonist: Poor Richard's Birthday!

Wow! It's Benjamin Franklin's birthday! Apart from being one of the founders of our country, Benjamin Franklin is still very much beloved as an inventor and writer known for his wit and humor. So, of course, in honor of one of our comic forefathers, I asked our cartoonists to share some of their inventions-- worthy of Benjamin Franklin-- with us today.

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Ask A Cartoonist: Biff! BAM! ...splat?

Happy New Year!

This week, we're talking about sound effects!

Sound effects are such an ubiquitous part of comic art and history that we can't imagine comics without them-- and big, bold, brightly-colored graphic sound effects often make their way into television and movies when people want to evoke a "comic-like" feel. But they're an artform unto themselves that plays a necessary role in comics and wouldn't exist if it weren't for the need to be able to illustrate a noise-- loud or quiet-- without sound! Keep Reading

Tuesday's Top Ten Comics on Hollywood

Happy new year to all our readers! One of the most exciting things to look forward to every year is the amount of new movies coming out, and this year we are getting many exciting ones! But is it truly all sunshine and rainbows in Hollywood? Let's see what our cartoonists have to say in this week's Top Ten Comics on the one and only HOLLYWEIRD! Keep Reading

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