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Editor's Dispatch: Big News, Evil Twins, and Easter Eggs!

Hello all! I've got some exciting news to start out this week. First off, I'd like to welcome Mike Manley to THE PHANTOM family!

Mike, whom you may know as the artist of JUDGE PARKER, will be joining THE PHANTOM as the new daily artist to replace Paul Ryan, who sadly passed away recently. Mike's work will begin syndicating on May 30, and can't wait to see more of his fantastic art every day.  

We are also gaining a new REX MORGAN, MD, writer!  Terry Beatty, who currently draws REX MORGAN, MD, and also the Sunday PHANTOM, will be taking over writing REX MORGAN, MD, as well, on May 2 for dailies and May 8 for Sundays, respectively.  Now all we need is to get Terry up on rollerskates and he'll be a triple threat!  

Also, in celebration of DENNIS THE MENACE's birthday last week, Scott Ketcham, son of Dennis creator Hank Ketcham, spoke with the BBC radio show "Up All Night" along with Mike Stirling, cartoonist of the very different British Dennis the Menace!  

Listen here! 

And, as Easter is coming up next Sunday, I wanted to share with you that Adrian Sinnott wrote in to send me this absolutely amazing image of an old Easter Egg decorating kit featuring King characters.  Isn't this wonderful?  I'd love to have Flash Gordon eggs!!!!  


 Have a happy Easter, all those of you who celebrate it, and see you next week! 



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