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Tuesday's Top Ten Comics: Peace On Earth

This week, in honor of Christmas, Tuesday's Top Ten Comics is a collection of comics with the noble theme of "Peace on Earth."

1. In this “Shoe” Sunday comic, Santa shares insights into the most classic holiday gift and how fragile it is to keep …


 2. In this "Six Chix" comic, a tourist has a question for a Salvation Army Santa


3. Santa explains to a young child in “Marvin” that some gifts are above his pay grade …


4. A little girl makes three wishes


5. Gwen asks Skip (“Intelligent Life”) what he wants most for Christmas


6. Mooch orders the house special

7. A classic “Curtis” Kwaanza series with a special message that stands true today ...

8. No words are needed in this “Family Circus” comic about Jeffy’s evening prayers


9. Oscar and Lenny in “Arctic Circle” find a wishing well that offers refunds ...


10. Finally, the MacPherson' family dreams of “Peace on Earth” in “Baby Blues.”


We wish everyone the happiest of holidays and a very Merry Christmas. May peace be with you all today, this week and throughout the coming new year!

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