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Tuesday's Top Ten Comics: Holiday Shopping & Gift Giving

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a specific topic. Keeping with the season, this week’s topic is related to holiday shopping and gift giving.

1. DUSTIN's mom recalls her favorite holiday memories.

2.  Gwen in INTELLIGENT LIFE prefers shopping online.


 3. HI AND LOIS' Dot has extravagant taste in gifts.

4. HAGAR THE HORRIBLE is a tough Viking, but Christmas shopping is a challenge that he isn't ready to conquer. 


5. THE FAMILY CIRCUS kids think they have discovered their mother's favorite store for holiday shopping:


6) Leroy of THE LOCKHORNS has a unique approach to avoiding holiday shopping.


7) Molly from MOOSE AND MOLLY is very excited for holiday sales.

8. Marla from RETAIL comments on a growing trend.

9. RHYMES WITH ORANGE asks the question: “When does gift-giving go overboard?”

10. Finally, Mr. Wilson learns it is the thought that counts in this DENNIS THE MENACE Sunday comic.

Happy Shopping! Wishing our readers a joyous and happy holiday season from your friends at Comics Kingdom!

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