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Tuesday's Top Ten: Make a Hat Day!

In celebration of "Make A Hat Day," we are sharing 10 great comics about hats and the people who wear them!

1. Not everyone is a "hat person," as this Six Chix cartoon shows.

2. Curtis discovers that it is best to keep his opinion about "church hats" to himself. 

 3. Not all hats are created equal as this “Rhymes With Orange” cartoon shows.

4. Some people look great in party hats.

5. And, some people just aren't suited for wearing hats at all, such as the Dad in “Dustin."

6. A hat on a windy day might seem like a good idea.

7. Not all hats are created equal.

8. But, no matter what the style, it is always advised to wear a hat on very cold days.

9. Because Grandma knows best.

10. And, that's no lie.  

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