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Editor's Dispatch:A Warm Welcome to Intelligent Life!

Awesome news!

Today, we'd like to introduce you to Intelligent Life, by David Reddick, which is now LIVE on Comics Kingdom and at

Intelligent Life follows the ups and downs of the geek life, through the eyes of Skip, Gwen, Mike, and Barry, four employees at Finch Marketing-- all equally geeky in their own unique way. Skip's a lovable dork who lives for video games and comics, Gwen is a social media nut who cosplays at conventions, Mike is an Alpha Nerd computer programmer, and Barry is a sports fanatic.

David Reddick is a veteran cartoonist, the last of the Time Lords, and the brain behind "The Trek Life," a comic he wrote and illustrated for the official Star Trek website, as well as the creator of the popular webcomic "Legend of Bill."

A super geek in his own right, with Intelligent Life, David is inviting us into his world, every day, and we're so excited to have you along for the ride (we can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs).

Here's the first strip:

Want to know more?
Here's a cool article about Intelligent Life from the Herald Bulletin!
Read David talk about about Intelligent Life on Comic Vine
And USA Today ran a great intro to Intelligent Life

We'll be adding more links shortly, so come back and check-- we're still waiting for Coverage from the Daily Planet.  

Join me in congratulating David on a great new comic!  (and remember, you can contact your local newspaper if you want to see "Intelligent Life" in print near you!)

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