Announcing THE FINALISTS in
Our Comics Kingdom's 2016 VINTAGE MADNESS Competition!

Vintage Madness 2016: The Final Clash!
Vintage Madness 2016: The Final Clash!
Last week's round of VINTAGE MADNESS 2016 was awesome! Once again, it was a very tight match-up and every single vote counted

Thanks to all who voted!

This week, in the final VINTAGE MADNESS bout, we pit Hagar the Horrible vs. Jungle Jim!

Voting for this last round begins TODAY, Thursday, April 14 and runs through 11:59 p.m. on Monday, April 18, 2016. On Thursday, April 21, the comic with the most user votes at the end of the round will be announced in Ask the Archivist and, later this Spring, will become the next entry in our Comics Kingdom’s Vintage Comics line-up.

The Vintage Comics section is accessible to Royal members only, BUT any user can access the Vintage archives for FREE with a seven-day trial subscription

Here are samples of the LAST TWO CONTENDERS STILL STANDING to compete in our Final Round:

Hagar the HorribleHagar the Horrible


Jungle Jim

Jungle Jim

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