by Brian

Americans love their movies. Although they currently have many options to view film entertainment, the ulitmate experience is stilll widely regarded as watching a movie on the big screen in a theater.

During the pandemic, theaters around the world have been closed to live audiences. Streaming services for home viewing are thriving. Will theaters ever make a comeback? It's hard to predict, but we hope so.

In the Sunday page above, Sarge invites Beetle to go see a movie. Beetle resists because Sarge has been so mean to him. In the end, Beetle gives in. Even though they are adversaries, Beetle and Sarge are also good friends.

Going to the movies is a recurring theme in the strip. It's one of the activities the soldiers at Camp Swampy can do by going to the nearby town.

In this strip from 2007, Sarge and Lugg are on a date at the movie theater.

In this episode, Miss Buxley goes back to see a movie a second time after a hot date with Beetle.

This strip ran on April 4, 2020, during the pandemic shutdown, so it is not an accurate depiciton of movie-going at that time.

We hope all of our readers enjoy the Academy Awards ceremony this weekend and get to watch movies in a theater sometime in the near future.

– Brian Walker




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