by Brian

This episode was published on December 11, 1988. At that time, my daughter Sarah was two years old and my son David had not been born yet.

In the 1990s, when Sarah and David were quite young, my wife Abby started taking them to Suzuki cello lessons. Soon after, Abby took up the cello herself.

Sarah eventually switched to oboe and both David and Sarah played in the high school orchestra. We went to many holiday concerts like the one in the Sunday page above.

Sarah continued to play oboe in college and now performs occasionally as a faculty member in her school orchestra. David bought an electric cello in college and for many years played in a rock and roll band in Boston.

Abby now works as a music teacher coaching kids on a variety of instruments including cello, violin, piano and ukulele.

These experiences inspired an ongoing theme in Hi and Lois. Dot is learning to play the cello and the sound of her screeching away on the strings annoys her siblings. Lois, of course, is understanding and tries to to get them to be more sympathetic. Below are three examples from 2007, 2009 and 20014.

We hope you have enjoyed this musicual interlude. Come back next week for more classics from our collection.

– Brian Walker




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