by Edgar

Today is Miniature Golf Day! So what better way to celebrate than with a Top Ten list of Mini Golf comics?? Remember, it's just a game meant to be fun...

Unless you're losing.


1) Baby Blues

June 30, 2018

When has mini golf ever been relaxing??


2) Mother Goose & Grimm

February 21, 2021

The things that your pets do when you're not home.


3) Bizarro

December 17, 2019

Where can we play this???


4) Blondie

April 9, 2020

We should put these up in our office.


5) Sherman's Lagoon

August 10, 2020

Everybody has their first time with mini golf.


6) The Family Circus

July 22, 2020

Anybody wanna break the bad news to him or should we just let it slide?


7) Rhymes With Orange

August 2, 2020

What a bad way to go.


8) Hagar The Horrible

November 20, 2019

Mini golf is no different from regular golf; you must still be respectful and quiet.


9) Dustin

July 15, 2018

Gotta love waiting for the people in front of you in every game.


10) Beetle Bailey

October 24, 2018

Play more mini golf, of course!




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