by Rina

Comics fans, remember my comic strip Tina's Groove? If you do I hope you'll be as excited as I am to have Tina back online. And if you don't, then here's your chance to get acquainted! Starting today a selective archive of Tina's Groove comics will re-run right here on Comics Kingdom.

When I decided to end Tina's Groove in 2017, lots of readers reached out to ask if I'd publish the archives. I hesitated for four years. I really had to mull it over. The reason? To be honest, I HATE my old stuff! It's downright cringe-worthy! I'm not alone – many comic artists feel the same over their own past works. It's kind of like the feeling you get when you hear a recording of your own voice. You think, "is that me? Do I really sound like that? I sound so... stupid!" Can you relate? In any case, I came around, and here we are.

For new readers to Tina's Groove, here's all you need to know: Tina is a waitress. The strip revolves around her worklife (ever work in a restaurant? That's crazy enough, right?), and her life-life: friends, relationships – you get the idea. The comic ran daily for fifteen years (2002 to 2017) in newspapers and online. Fifteen years is a long haul -- you'll be able to see how the drawings and gags developed over time. I'll be on the sidelines cringing! Seriously, I do hope you enjoy Tina's Groove. People tell me it's a fun strip, and I'm happy to go with that and leave you to it.

I'll be posting here from time to time to share my thoughts on some of the old strips, and who knows, maybe put up some new Tina drawings!

Lastly, I want to thank everyone at King Features Syndicate for helping to once again make Tina's Groove available to comics fans everywhere. 

So go check it out! Tina's Groove Archives Today!




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