by Tea

The first Friday in May is No Pants Day! And after a year in which so many of us haven't been wearing pants to work (ahem), we thought this was a great day to celebrate! After all, cartoon characters have been finding joy in the lack of pants all the way back since the time of Outcault's Yellow Kid...

We also know it's been a rough year for so many folks, and anytime we come together as a comics community, we want to share our gratitude with all you readers who make the comics possible, and do something to help the people who haven't had the best year. Some of us have been lucky enough to work from home with no pants, but we know others have lost their jobs or taken pay cuts or furloughs during COVID. Given the spirit of the day, we thought it would be nice to remember our friends who don't have enough decent clothing, and ask all of you to consider giving clothing or money to charities and other organizations that help clothe people in need. 

Here are some of the great organizations we'd encourage you to support:

Dress for Success (work clothes for women)
Career Gear (work clothes for men)
Room To Grow (clothing for children)
Operation Prom (prom clothes for high school age kids)
Domestic Violence & Homeless Shelters
Other regional and local community groups (churches, synagogues, community centers, LGBTQ centers, etc) with clothing exchange programs.

We are especially honored and delighted to feature some comics from our cartooning friends at other syndicates, like Tribune Content Agency, Washington Post Writers' Group, and Andrews McMeel-Universal. Thanks so much! 

Here are the participating comics, including some of the non-profits that the cartoonists would like you to support as well! 

Dennis the Menace, by Scott Ketcham, Marcus Hamilton, and Ron Ferdinand, who would like you to give to Room To Grow


The Spats, by Jeff Pickering

Arctic Circle, by Alex Hallatt, who would like you to donate clothing to local thrift stores.

The Barn, by Ralph Hagen

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, by John Rose, who would like you to give to Mercy House 

Blondie, by Dean Young and John Marshall, who would like you to give to Career Gear

Brewster Rockit, by Tim Rickard

Bizarro by Wayno and Piraro, who would like you to support your local clothing charity

Dick Tracy, by Mike Curtis and Joe Staton

On the Fastrack, by Bill Holbrook, who would like you to give to Dress For Success

Gearhead Gertie, by Mike Smith

Hi & Lois by Brian Walker, Greg Walker, Chance Browne, and Eric Reaves

Pardon my Planet by Vic Lee

Mike Shelton, Political Cartoons

The Lockhorns, by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner

Loose Parts by Dave Blazek, who would like you to give to a local charity.

Barney and Clyde by Gene Weingarten, Dan Weingarten, and David Clark

Marvin, by Tom Armstrong

Mallard Fillmore, by Bruce Tinsley

Off the Mark, by Mark Parisi, who would like you to give to Room To Grow

Rae the Doe by Olive Brinker, who would like you to give your gently used clothes to a clothing exchange drive at your local LGBT or other community center!

Rhymes With Orange, by Rina Piccolo and Hilary Price

Shoe, by Gary Brookins, Susie MacNelly, and Ben Lansing

Zippy the Pinhead, by Bill Griffith, who would like you to give old fur coats to PETA, who will redistribute them to people in need of coats.

Mount Pleasant, by Rick McKee and Kent Sligh


And several cartoonists will be taking part via social media, so keep an eye out for more! If you're a cartoonist and want to participate, just tag your art #nopantsday! 





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