by Tea

It's the 75th birthday of our very favorite nature-loving journalist! 

Happy Birthday, Mark Trail!

Here's a celebration of Mark Trail's creator, the wonderful Ed Dodd, by Mark's current writer and artist, Jules Rivera!

Mark has been through a lot in 75 years! He moved to the Lost Forest, finally married the love of his life, Cherry Davis, in 1993-- 47 years after they first met!-- adopted our favorite orphan, Rusty, punched out an incalculable number of poachers, polluters, and other anti-conservationists, all while teaching his readers about important issues impacting nature and the environment! 

He's even starred in a coloring book teaching young readers about the value of controlled burns for forest maintenance!

The issues that affect the world we live in may change over the years-- in Ed Dodd's day, the focus was on preserving wildlife refuges, forests, and parks, so that future generations could appreciate nature, and to help prevent wildlife extinction. Today, we are challenged by climate change and understanding the impact humans have at a global level, as well as learning about how environmental issues impact different cultures and communities differently. Mark Trail has been there for all of it, helping his readers learn about the world around them with a smile! Happy birthday, Mark! 

For more Mark Trail, you can read his comic every day on Comics Kingdom! 




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