by Alex

It's a little off-topic, but it's the culmination of 4 years of living with a different collection of cartoon characters: my Friends Against Bullying.

Today is the official launch of FAB Club 3 - The Big Match. It is the third and final book in the series about the Friends Against Bullying club. The first book came out four years ago and it has been fun to develop the characters and tie up all the loose ends: something that never happens in real life.


My niece (now 11) loved the first book and the second one about cyber-bullying. When I asked her what she’d like to see in the third book, she didn’t hesitate to say “romance”! My 8 year old nephew wanted to read about football (those are the only books he loves reading). I had to please them both. At the middle grade level I didn’t have to get too graphic with the romance, thank heavens, but I sure got tired of drawing footballs!

Despite (or because) of the constraints of the storyline, I’m really happy with how the book turned out. All the bullies from the original book have been turned around and all we are left with is an adult bully in this last book. It’s no real spoiler to say that he gets his comeuppance. I only wish that could happen to some of the bullies I see abusing their positions of power now.


FAB Club 3 is online and in bookshops now (Search for ISBN: 978-0-473-50467-0).

Or ask for it at your local library.

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FAB Club 3 on

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