by Edgar

Who enjoys skydiving? Let's go ahead and take a deep one in today's Top Ten Comics on Parachutes! Remember, if your chute doesn't work, you got the rest of your life to fix it.


1) Bizarro

February 4, 2018

"Wow! You're absolutely right! Honest mistake, I get it."


2) Blondie

August 7, 2017

Wait. Who was there to capture that on camera?


3) Sherman's Lagoon

February 4, 2018

Did they at least end up finding any treasure?


4) Rhymes With Orange

November 12, 2011

Ever tried skydiving into the sky? Well, this guy doesn't recommend it.


5) Beetle Bailey

September 14, 2013

Where can I get a bed with parachutes?!


6) Zits

September 12, 2017

Safest parachute around.


7) Mother Goose & Grimm

September 15, 2010

Flight attendant jobs = Free skydiving sessions.


8) Dustin

December 5, 2013

We all remember our first time.


9) Arctic Circle

December 6, 2009

Have you checked your dog's fur for any hidden parachutes? Because it could save their lives.


10) Carpe Diem

March 26, 2019

If it's a first-timer, you're gonna need some bigger headphones.




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