April 2nd, 2019

Welcome to the remodeled Comics Kingdom

by Tea

Welcome to the remodeled Comics Kingdom! You’ll notice some welcome changes at the Castle as you read your favorite comics today. The new website features all of your favorite comics and characters with video, social media links, shopping and, most importantly, a mobile-friendly experience.

If you receive our newsletter, you may recall that we conducted a customer survey a few months ago to learn more about what we can do to serve you, our loyal fans, better.

Just as before, you can comment, share, and buy prints of your favorite comics right on our website. If you’re a premium subscriber, (and we encourage to sign up here if you are not!) there are no ads and a huge archive of amazing comics that you can receive daily in your inbox.

And there’s more… New features include:

–Easier-to-read comics and a better user experience!

Reading on your tablet or mobile phone much easier with an improved, custom-built comics reader. We’ve also increased the size of our zoomed-in comics!

–Improved search on the site and on the web!

Now you can search by comic title or author name. The search function is faster and has bigger, better previews.

–More social media content from your favorite cartoonists!

Blog posts, Twitter, Instagram, and more from your favorite cartoonists now live in our Trending section.

–We have Video!

From quickdraws and how-tos to behind the scenes and motion comics, you’ll find more ways to engage with our creators and cartoonists.

Enjoy this awesome Thimble Theatre video by Sydney and our friends at Mental Canvas!

–May we suggest… ?

Finished reading your favorite comic? We will recommend new comics based on your preferences!

We hope you love the new Comics Kingdom as much as we do! If you have any questions, you can find out more on our help page, or contact us here!




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