by Brian Walker, Greg Walker and Chance Browne
Hi and Lois Sunday page December 28, 1997. The last Sunday page of the year presents an opportunity to review the events of the previous twelve months.  In the episode above Hi and Lois are looking back at recent milestones in the life of the family. Of course, since the characters don’t age, many of these accomplishments will be repeated year after year.  Chip’s band will get another “first gig,” Ditto will be a baseball hero again, Dot always gets straight As and Trixie will relearn how to talk. Hi is a weekend duffer, so 79 is not a typical score.  Lois’ weight loss is something she is proud of but she will inevitably put it back on.  Overall it was a good year and it’s time to say thanks. Every year, I sit down between Christmas and New Year’s Day and make all my charitable donations. I find it easier to keep track of when I do it this way.  The only problem is, the organizations I give money to call and mail throughout the year to remind me to give again.  I explain that, except for donations to emergencies like disaster relief, I make my contributions once a year.  But that doesn’t stop the solicitations. I have worked for non-profits and understand they always need money, but I feel they are wasting what they have raised by repeated requests like this.  There should be a box on the form to check for “annual contribution – please don’t ask again.”  That would be a good idea. Next week we will be moving on to 1998 in our Timeline series, so be sure to come back. – Brian Walker




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