by John Rose
Dr. Stan Galloway, Thomas Yeates and I really had fun speaking to the crowd at Cole Hall on the campus of Bridgewater College. On Thursday, February 8th, I had the honor of lecturing along with fellow King Features cartoonist, the incredible Thomas Yeates of Prince Valiant, at Bridgewater College as part of their "Drawing Comics For A Living" presentation. I would like to thank Dr. Stan Galloway, Professor Of English and Director Of Convocations, for inviting both Thomas and I to speak to the enthusiastic audience in attendance. I would also like to thank audience members Terry Tucker and her son Billy for taking many of these photos from the evening: The beginning of my portion of the program. Showing the audience one of my favorite Snuffy Smith comic strips. Drawing a member of the Smith family for the crowd. Speaking with some guests in attendance after my part of the program ended. I drew a sketch of Snuffy which I gave to Stan. Thomas (lower left) speaking to the audience about a Prince Valiant comic strip he beautifully illustrated. A close-up of that particular Prince Valiant comic strip. Thomas greeting some enthusiastic guests after the end of his program that evening.




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