Website Problems

By Jeremy Meltingtallow

Hey, Everyone. Norm here.

I know the website has been experiencing problems lately. I’ve had a conversation about it with the powers that be, and have been assured that King Features is planning a digital redesign for all of its websites later this year. Not only should this take care of the issues that keep popping up, but it will create a better online experience in general.

Until then, if you experience any technical issues with the site, please contact [email protected] to report the issue. I don’t personally run the website, and I only drop by to skim the comments periodically. If you leave a complaint in the comments section, I’m probably the only real person who will actually see it … and it could be days before that happens.

I’m a one man show. I have no assistants helping me create my work, or running my social media. It’s just me. On top of producing RETAIL, I self syndicate a second comic called GIL, and I am currently writing and illustrating a series of children’s books. I’m thrilled to have so much going on, but being so busy makes me a lousy person to rely on for tech support.

So if you could all direct technical issues to [email protected] and reserve the comment section for wild speculation, personal anecdotes, and spelling Stuart’s name wrong, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You!