March 2nd, 2018

News Around the Kingdom: MARCHING ON

by The Court Jester

March is here, and so is this week’s parade of News Around the Kingdom.


Blast back to the past each week with Brian Walker’s informative blogs on comic history! This week, Brian rewinds to 1973 to examine the art of the classic “wallpaper gag” with BEETLE BAILEY’s Sarge and get some groovy fashion tips from Lois of HI & LOIS. 



Volume 7 of Tom Batiuk’s THE COMPLETE FUNKY WINKERBEAN is out now, covering the gutsy 1992 fast-forward time jump that thrust the teens of Westview High into adulthood and a whole new era of timely, thought-provoking stories. Get your copy here or contact your local bookstore, then pop into one of Tom’s upcoming events to get it signed in person.




Now you can tell the world you’re a Jazz Pickle no matter what you’re wearing with new BIZARRO enamel pins! Currently available in bunny, UFO and firecracker, with the cool cucumber itself in stock soon, and even more secret symbols on the horizon. Hide them all over yourself and challenge your friends to find them all.



Beginning today, be sure to visit the SIX CHIX every day for special tributes leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8!  In addition to her Monday comic, Isabella Bannerman will be appearing at the Yonkers Riverfront Library on March 4th, where she’ll be exhibiting her original painting containing a portion of the following quote from Vanessa Wruble, one of the co-founders of the Women’s March on Washington:  

“There’s a sea of women in front of me, and a sea of
women in back of me, and a sea of women on all sides. 
It just goes to show we are our own best hope. 
We can only move forward together.” 


 Keep moving forward, and we’ll see you again next week!




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