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This week, we're reading about our favorite prodigy of the comics page in The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee, by John Hambrock.

The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee is the story of the eponymous Edison, a little boy with supergenius intelligence and an extremely high dose of skepticism.  Unlike many of the kids of the comics pages, you won't see Edison charming the adults in his life with adorable childlike aphorisms. Instead, he's more likely to be building a new invention with his "assistant," his pet rat, Joules, or questioning every institution under the sun, from schools, to the local government, to his parents. 

Edison lives with his parents, Don and Carol, who are both well-meaning people who love their son but who are certainly sometimes befuddled and even exasperated in their attempts to keep up with their extra-clever progeny.  Don in particular ends up playing the straight man an awful lot, as he's the generation sandwiched between his genius son and his crotchety, idiosyncratic father, Orville, who is struggling to keep up with the times even as Edison speeds ahead:









John Hambrock launched Edison Lee in 2006, after a decade-long career as an advertising art director, and his previous work in design and messaging come through loud and clear in his comics. One of the things we love about Edison Leei s that it always seems like John is able to find a new twist on current events or new scientific discoveries or technology, and the perfect ways to have his characters deliver punchlines that we can't possibly imagine working for anyone else. 


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