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Today, we're giggling over Mother Goose and Grimm, by legendary cartoonist Mike Peters.

Mike began writing and drawing Grimmy in 1984, after winning the Pulitzer for his amazing editorial cartoon work (which you can see here). It showcases the same brash, quirky sense of humor that we see in his journalistic comics, but in a more typical humor strip format. Here, we get to know the lovable (if a bit questionable) Grimmy, his "mom," Mother Goose, the nervous kitty Attila, and wide-eyed, naive boxer Ralph, along with a cast of other characters drawn from fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and the collective subconscious.

The Mother Goose of Mother Goose and Grimm isn't quite the benevolent old goose-riding lady we grew up reading in our pictures books.  No, she is a goose...and a rather absent-minded, crotchety one, at that!

Mother Goose lives with her three pets: two dogs, and one cat, and a never-ending litany of neuroses.  

Grimmy, the other title character, isn't exactly the model pet we might come to expect from comic strips: 



But in spite of his sometimes-crass character, he's endearing in his own way:


 (Probably a wise choice, there, Ralph) 

We love Mother Goose and Grimm because it has the same magic and off-kilter sense of humor as Mike Peters' editorial cartoons, applied to more mundane subjects: pop culture, history, entertainment news, and of course, the goings-on of everyday life.  

You can read Mother Goose and Grimm here  on Comics Kingdom, or here on  
Also look at Mike's editorial cartoons here! 




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