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Today, we're getting to know three of our favorite ladies-- the cast of Between Friends by Sandra Bell-Lundy! 


 This is the cast of Between Friends in their very first appearance with King Features, back in 1994!  Susan, Maeve, and Kim have been through a lot together and even aged in real time over the years, progressing from young career women to successful ladies facing middle age with a stiff upper lip, and even a smile! 

Sandra Bell-Lundy began cartooning as a college student, where she drew a comic for her school paper, focusing on stories loosely based on her real life friends.  After college, she continued to self-syndicate, until King Features partnered up with her in 1994-- and the rest is history! 

Susan is a married career woman who is married to her husband, Harv, and has an adopted daughter, Emma.  She faces her own anxieties with a wry sense of humor: 


 Kim works from home as a freelance writer and blogger, and lives with her husband, Derek, and stepson, Danny.  She's the introspective, creative member of the trio:


 And finally, Maeve is a divorcee and hard-working woman whose life is a whirl of relationships and dating, often with commentary from her dear friend and mentor, coworker Helen: 


 You can read more Between Friends on the Between Friends website and here on Comics Kingdom!   Follow Sandra and the ladies on the Between Friends Facebook Page! 





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