August 17th, 2017

Feature Spotlight: Mary Worth

by Tea

This week, we’re reading Mary Worth, by Karen Moy and June Brigman.

Mary Worth is a series of stories about the various characters who pass through the life of one woman, the title character, a retired lady who lives in the Charterstone Condominium Complex of Santa Royale. She has a propensity– and some might say, a talent– for attracting folks with all kinds of problems, and she’s never without some pearls of wisdom for the people she meets along her way.

Mary Worth is home to a regular cast of characters, such as Mary’s longtime boyfriend, Jeff, her close friends Ian and Toby Cameron– a University professor and artist who are also neighbors in Charterstone, and Wilbur and Dawn Weston, a newspaper columnist living with his college-aged daughter.

The stories in Mary Worth deal with all kinds of real-world interpersonal problems, from internet dating gone bad to failing marriages, to tensions between parents and their children. Every storyline gives us a chance to get to know a new cast of characters– and to learn more about the folks closest to Mary’s heart.

The current story arc follows Dawn on her summer job as a medical temp, where she appears to have attracted the interest of two men– Jared, a young man who is just a little bit older than her, and her boss, an accomplished surgeon, who is much older and married. Jared seems concerned about whether their boss’ attention toward Dawn is appropriate, but is it because he truly cares about Dawn’s welfare, or merely because he’s jealous? Dawn, meanwhile, is excited about feeling grown-up at her new job, and doesn’t seem to notice the impropriety.


One of the great thigs about Mary Worth is that every story is different, and we get glimpses into the lives of so many interesting characters who visit us for just a brief period, through the eyes of Mary and her friends. The previous story arc focused on a married couple working out their conflict over one partner’s inability to quit smoking while on a cruise, and we’re always curious to see where the next story will take us!





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