June 8th, 2017

Feature Spotlight: Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids!

by Tea

School’s out– or almost out– for the summer! So what better time to read Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids, Bob Weber Jr.’s always-entertaining– and enlightening– comic strip for kids of all ages?


Slylock Fox is a comic strip and activities page all in one, with new puzzles and challenges every day of the week. Slylock Fox is fun no matter how old you are, whether you’re solving the famous “Spot the Six Differences,” in which we have to find the differences between two nearly-identical drawings, or following along with the quick tips on how to draw cartoon characters of our very own.  (And these cartooning tips are easy to follow for anyone, unlike a lot of “how to draw” instructions, that seem to expect you to be some kind of wizard!) 



But Slylock Fox isn’t just a puzzle sheet– we can also follow the ongoing adventures of Slylock as he goes up against a rogue’s gallery of quirky characters, headed of course by his chief nemesis, the dastardly Count Weirdly. Is Weirdly a vampire? A mad scientist? A criminal mastermind? Just some terrible guy in a tophat? We’re not entirely sure, but it is super fun to try to put together the clues in Bob’s cartoons in order to bring Count Weirdly to justice, as Slylock works with his faithful sidekick, Max Mouse.


Slylock Fox is great fun, and a neat break between comics to give our brains a little challenge. We also love seeing all the weird and wonderful characters who pop up in the panels of Slylock’s adventures, and best of all, on Sundays, kids have a chance to get their own artwork published by sending it in to Bob!  So get your pencils out today!








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