May 11th, 2017

Feature Spotlight: Todd the Dinosaur

by Tea

We learn, as adults, that families come in all shapes and sizes. In spite of the more traditional idea that a family should be a married couple with children, we all know people who make families that look very different, and are just as happy and functional as the traditional nuclear family. More and more adults are choosing to remain single, or to move in with a girlfriend or boyfriend without marrying, or even to live with a group of adults. Some people choose to have children, while others decide to remain childless, or dedicate themselves to fostering older kids. And some choose to keep cats or dogs, lizards or hamsters or exotic chickens.

Then there’s Trent Footbridge.

Trent is raising a seven-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex named Todd.


Todd The Dinosaur is a comic by Patrick Roberts that follows the escapades of young professional Trent as he attempts to “parent” his very, very oversized, very carnivorous, not very bright kid.


Patrick began his career as a professional technical writer. After a long and successful career, he discovered cartooning in a book he was reading and decided to give it a shot. And Todd the T-Rex was born in 2001.

With the exception of his very, very hungry and massive charge, Trent’s life is that of a fairly typical 20-something American. He has a great, supportive, long-term girlfriend, Susie, and a typical office job. He likes football and action movies, and lives in a typical suburban home.


And Todd has a normal, human best friend, Alan, and goes to the second grade, just like any other seven-year-old. Though he’s the only dinosaur in his class, he is very much supported by his teachers and peers, in spite of his inability to color inside the lines.


We love Todd the Dinosaur because of Todd’s endearing naivety and the sheer ludicrousness of his life– and how very natural it seems to everyone else in Todd’s world that a T-Rex would be living in their subdivision.

You can read more Todd here on Comics Kingdom 

Or check out Todd’s very own website here 




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