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Greetings Comics Royals!

 Monday, August 22, marks the first day that Francesco Marciuliano writes the “Judge Parker” continuity strip!  Francesco is also the writer of “Sally Forth,” which is a different kind of strip altogether!  Check out his new work on “Judge Parker”!

Francesco Marciuliano's first
Francesco Marciuliano's first "Judge Parker" strip!

 In other news…

 Last week, Rina Piccolo (“Tina’s Groove”) was the guest cartoonist standing in for Hilary Price on “Rhymes With Orange”!

Rina Piccolo was guest cartoonist on
Rina Piccolo was guest cartoonist on "Rhymes With Orange"!

 David Reddick (“Intelligent Life”) shares sketches of his characters Skip and Mike in Star Trek cosplay!  AND...he made a fun cameo appearance in Scott Kurtz's popular webcomic "PVP" ("Player Vs. Player")!

Skip doing
Skip doing "Star Trek" cosplay!


Jeff Parker (“Dustin”) wants readers to check out “Ask A Cartoonist”!  Last week's installment revealed some of  “Dustin” writer Steve Kelley's standup comedy!

Steve Kelley, the writer of
Steve Kelley, the writer of "Dustin", is also a stand-up comic!

 Terry Libenson (“Pajama Diaries”) and her husband spearheaded a project to collect small character sketches for Cleveland’s Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital! The sketches from various cartoonists will form a large collaborative collage to hang in the hospital for patients and visitors to enjoy!

Cartoonists sketches will hang in a hospital!
Cartoonists sketches will hang in a hospital!

 To conclude his coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Brian Walker (“Hi and Lois”) searched his archives from previous years and found more strips that celebrate the event!

Juggling sports as a viewer!
Juggling sports as a viewer!

 Brian Walker (“Beetle Bailey”) also posts more Sarge dreams!

Sarge dreams he's Ringo Starr!
Sarge dreams he's Ringo Starr!

John Rose ("Barney Google and Snuffy Smith") met a fan who celebrated his birthday "Snuffy style"!

A "Snuffy" fan celebrates his 80th birthday!

 And finally...

Former "Mary Worth" artist Joe Giella will be honored as The Hero Initiative's Lifetime Achievement recipient at the 2016 Harvey Awards during Baltimore Comic-Con on September 3!  The Hero Initiative is a charity that helps veteran comic creators in medical or financial need.  

Thanks for catching up on this week’s News Around the Kingdom!

 See you again next Friday! Have a great weekend.






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