by Brian Walker, Greg Walker and Chance Browne
2009.4.12 In celebration of the Easter holiday, we posted the Hi and Lois Sunday page above. Although Trixie Flagston has been appearing in newspapers for over sixty years, she’s still a newborn baby who is discovering the world. Below is an Easter-themed New Yorker cover by Roz Chast.2004_04_12 In addition to drawing cartoons, Roz enjoys decorating Ukranian Easter eggs, known as “pysanky.” This folk art dates back to Pagan times and some believed the eggs had talismanic powers. The Ukranian psanka are decorated with intricate geometric patterns. Although Roz uses traditional techniques to make her eggs, she decorates most of them with her unique cartoon characters.ChastEggs Roz’s passion for pysanky began in the spring of 2003. “I had always wanted to learn how to paint eggs, and the mom of one of my daughter's friends knew somebody who knew how to do it. So I went with her to this person's studio, and she showed us the technique. It was really as simple as that.” From the very first egg, “I just loved it," she said. "I think I saw at the time that it had real possibilities for transferring my stuff to it.” For more about Roz Chast’s egg obsession clink on the link below: We hope all of our readers have a wonderful Easter. – Brian Walker




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