by Hilary Price
Hi All! This is the stocking my mom sewed and I decorated around forty years ago.  As you can see, my artistic prowess shines through.  So it shouldn't surprise you that I'll be teaching TWO art classes in 2017, both one week workshops on single panel cartooning.  The March one is online, the June one is in person in Vermont. Register for the online class by January 3, 2017 and get 15% off tuition.  The class is March 6-10.  There isn't a set time to be "at class," just new assignments and lessons and feedback posted every day. The in-person class is at The Center For Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT from June 5-8.   
Need Hanukkah cards? You can order them online, with free shipping, even for a single card! Mr. Potatohead with The Noble Works Card Company: And also this Menorah one from Noble Works:  
There's also my mini-collection of Jewish-themed strips, Hanukkomics: And for Non-Denominational Cat Lovers, Catacomics  
Finally, if you have a fave strip, you can always get a nice framed print of it! So that's what I got.  More than anything, I hope your holidays are filled with kindness and laughter. Hilary  




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