Tuesday’s Top Ten: Mother’s Day

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a theme. In honor of the upcoming holiday, today’s comics are all about Mother’s Day!

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Now, on to the comics!

1. The Baby Blues family has a bit of a mishap with their Mother’s Day gift:

 2. How does Buckles celebrate the day with his “mom”?

 3. What could Mom complain about on Mother’s Day? This Crankshaft comic explains:

 4. Modern technology prevents another Mother’s Day mishap in Edge City:

 5. The Katzenjammer Kids are all ready with breakfast in bed!

 6. What’s the one thing missing from a Mother’s Day brunch? On the Fastrack explains:

 7. Retail shows a sweet way to spend a first Mother’s Day:

 8. Rhymes with Orange explains mothering economics:

 9. Tina’s Groove shows us one-stop shopping for mom:

 10. And finally, Jeremy from Zits does his very best to keep his promise to his mom. Maybe next year!

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