Tuesday’s Top Ten: Football Comics!

By ComicsKingdom Admin

Every Tuesday, we post 10 comics on a specific topic. Today’s comics are all about the game that has everyone’s attention this week: football!

1. How much food does Dagwood from Blondie need to watch the Super Bowl? 

 2. Crankshaft has a specific request for his Super Bowl treat:

 3. Dennis the Menace has to play by some new football rules:

 4. The Lockhorns have do not agree about this Super Bowl Sunday “tradition”:

 5. A football feast is prepared in this DeFlocked comic strip:

 6. Hi from Hi & Lois decides to have a nap before the big game…

 7. Tina from Tina’s Groove has a purse that can fit everything! Including a football?!

 8. The job of the linemen is explained in this Rhymes with Orange strip:

 9. Grin and Bear It shows what happens if you decide to lay down before the game:

 10. And finally, where did the groundhog go this Groundhog’s Day? Mutts shows us:

Want even more football fun? Check out the starting lineups for our own comic showdown!

What theme would like to see for the next Tuesday Top Ten? Post your ideas in the comments below!