Bill Bettwy


The Planet Syndicate
The Planet Syndicate is an agency with a crack team of animal agents whose mission is to protect and recycle. The Planet Syndicate was founded in a turbulent time of climate change and unsustainability. Animals worldwide have taken the oath to protect the planet since it appears humans are not interested in doing so. Special Agent Cow, Chicken, Pig, and Dog are the primary team members led by Deputy Director Dolphin. More animal special agents will appear as the Planet Syndicate takes on cases around the globe.


Bill Betty

Bill has been creating cartoons in some form or another for quite some time. It started back in the ‘90s where he produced character design and development, production bibles, and storyboards for animated projects.

Then in 2005 while drawing editorial cartoons for a local paper, Bill created a comic strip that caught the eye of the editors at King Features. That comic turned into Take it from the Tinkersons.

The Planet Syndicate is the newest project that spawned from Bill's passion for animals and nature.

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