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Mara Llave: Keeper of Time

Alex Segura and Nickolej Villiger


About Mara Llave: Keeper of Time

The time stream is in a constant state of disrepair. Timelines diverge and collapse. History is altered, creating tidal waves of change. And that’s on a good day. But thankfully, for eons, the main thruway – the key timeline – has been kept safe by a group of diligent and dedicated “Chronal Keepers.” These men and women keep watch over events happening all over time, across alternate paths and universes. Empowered by their unique “keys” – hourglass-shaped talismans that allows the wearer to create a time/space distortion – a protective quantum field. Within the field they can manipulate matter and energy as they see fit. Whatever is possible, they can achieve. Imbuing them with the ability to manipulate reality. These brave people tap into their talismans and are shunted to wherever and whenever they’re needed most, with little idea what they might face. Working in secret so as not to disrupt the timelines themselves, these anonymous Chronal Keepers were silent heroes across time and space.

That was then, though.

In the wake of what many call “The Great Schism,” (though the remaining Keepers themselves refer to it as “The Giant Eff-Up”) the Keepers are all but gone, leaving the time stream vulnerable to an assault that could destroy the universe as we know it. But one keeper survives – an aging human man named Kent Gordin, stranded in the 21st century. As the life he’s known falls apart, Gordin holds on to one sliver of hope – a child, an alien from a distant world, shunted to Earth to escape a militaristic, fascist regime that threatened to destroy her family.

Welcome to MARA LLAVE – KEEPER OF TIME, a pulpy, sci-fi adventures starring Mara, the last of the Chronal Keepers, and the “key” to reestablishing their legacy. A blend of the high-adventure of Flash Gordon and early Silver Age comics like Green Lantern, Adam Strange, The Flash, and more, MARA LLAVE is a celebration of unpredictable, swashbuckling action mixed with characterization and conflict – as readers slowly learn about Mara’s true origins, and her struggles to fit in on her adopted world. MARA LLAVE: KEEPER OF TIME will be a serialized romp through time that promises to keep readers in suspense and enthralled.

From the minds of acclaimed comic book writer and novelist Alex Segura, and rising star artist Nickolej Villiger, MARA LLAVE – KEEPER OF TIME will blend modern storytelling sensibilities with a thoughtful love letter to the pulp heroes of yesteryear to create something wholly new and completely unforgettable.

Meet the Creators

  • Alex Segura Featured Image

    Alex Segura

    Alex Segura is the bestselling and award-winning author of Secret Identity, which the New York Times called “wittily original” and named an Editor’s Choice. NPR described the novel as “masterful,” and it received starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, and Booklist. Alex is also the author of Star Wars Poe Dameron: Free Fall, the Pete […]

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  • Nickolej Villiger Featured Image

    Nickolej Villiger

    Nickolej Villiger (he/him/his) is a cartoonist and musician residing in Lethbridge, Alberta (Canada). Nickolej spends most of his time in silo drawing comic books and writing music. Some of which he hopes to unveil to the public before he kicks the bucket. Until then, you can check out his table scraps at

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