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Legends often are created by legends, and Flash Gordon is no exception. Alex Raymond, whose previous work included Tim Tyler’s Luck and Secret Agent X-9, inspired an entire generation of comic strip artists and fans with his creation of the intergalactic hero, Flash Gordon. Today, loyal fans are still enthralled with the comics’ most famous outer space adventurer, his lady companion, Dale Arden, scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov and Flash’s arch nemesis, Ming the Merciless.

The first Flash Sunday page appeared in 1934, and the comic quickly gained a devoted following. Once Raymond left the strip in 1944 to serve in the Marine Corps, artist Austin Briggs took over. Other artists who have worked on the strip include Mac Raboy, John Lehti, Paul Norris, Reed Crandall, Dan Barry, Harvey Kurtzman, Frank Frazetta, Ralph Reese, Gray Morrow and Jim Keefe.

Dailies from 1951 - 1952.

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