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As Comics Kingdom gets bigger, and there are more people commenting, with more diverse opinions and ideas about our comics, it's easier to run afoul of someone who disagrees with you.  We want everyone to enjoy posting here, and to keep the conversations friendly!  Friendly arguments and debates are great and can be a lot of fun, but they're no good if someone leaves feeling like they've been personally attacked for sharing their opinions. 

So here's a little primer-- in comic form!


Here are some expanded guidelines:

1) Please refrain from vulgar or explicit language. This includes “misspellings” of vulgar words as well as descriptions.
Popeye may be a sailor, but even HE knows to keep it clean in mixed company! Remember that this is a public message board and don’t say anything you wouldn’t want your coworkers or your family to hear! They could be reading the same comics!

Even posts that use no words that are ordinarily considered explicit will be deleted if the nature of the comment is vulgar as a whole. 

Deliberate misspellings of vulgar words will also be deleted.  Don't ruin a perfectly good post by using a swear word in it, because we will have to delete the entire thing, even if it is otherwise great.

2) Check your username.
That goes for the username you choose to comment with, too. Usernames that break our rules will be banned from the site.

3) Avoid insults.
Comics can be political or otherwise controversial by nature, but there’s no need for name-calling. Disagree respectfully with others’ opinions— you can argue with what they’re saying without stooping to personal attacks. Even if you make a great point and link to helpful information, if you call someone a name or otherwise lob insults while doing it, it’s likely to be screened.

4) No attacks targeted at an individual’s or a group's race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or disability.
Insulting someone because of how they look, whom they worship, or how they get around is just not cool. Don’t do it. This includes using language commonly considered to be slurs against a specific group. There are enough reasons to make fun of the silly things cartoon characters do that we don’t need to be making fun of real people just for being themselves.

5) No threats.
This one should really be common knowledge. Really.

6) Do not give out another user’s personal information.
Even if you think you are being helpful, it is never a good idea to share someone else’s “real” name, location, age, marital status, occupation, email address, or other information without their explicit permission, even If you have seen them do so before, and even if it is available elsewhere on the internet. Likewise, do not copy information someone has posted on a different site and re-post it on Comics Kingdom without their explicit permission. 

7) Please try to use correct spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.
Typing correctly and keeping your capslock off makes it easier to read your posts. Typing in all caps is frequently perceived as SCREAMING, so try to avoid doing it. While we won’t ban you for typographical errors or preferences, other users may mistake your tone for yelling and flag your posts if you type in all caps too much. 

We also ask users to be patient with others if you see someone who is using all caps or makes frequent errors.  Not everyone is as adept at typing, and it doesn't mean they're unwelcome here. 

8) Please do not spam the comments sections.
Even if what you have to say is very important, please don't post it over and over. Once or twice in the most pertinent areas of the site will do. If there is something that is important enough that you think a general announcement is required, please contact us directly and we will see what we can do, but leave announcements up to the mods! 

Likewise, please do not copy-paste writing from other websites to ours without providing a link to source your commentary, and do not copy-paste long blocks of text. We screen links, but we will unscreen your comments as soon as we can if you wish to direct other readers to a news article. The source of your content deserves credit and links back! 

9) Stay on-topic.
Please make sure to keep your discussions on topic.  Starting debates on the subject of a specific strip is welcome, but don't get into the habit of bringing up unrelated subjects! 

10) Walk away from fights.
If you see someone doing something that you feel may be in violation of our rules, please don’t try to be an internet hero! If you get into a fight, you’re just as likely to be banned as the person who started it, because we don’t know who is to blame. Instead of fighting back, simply ignore the person engaging in offensive behavior and flag any post you want to bring to our attention and we will take a look to determine whether it violates our rules.

In summary, use your common sense— if you wouldn’t like something to be said to you, assume you shouldn’t be saying it to anyone else. As a rule, we do not heavily monitor the comments section and support your ability to say what you like as long as it conforms to these guidelines. Posts which link to other websites or that use words from a pre-set list of offensive language will be automatically screened, and posts which your fellow users choose to flag will also be screened. We do monitor the screened comments and do our best to release comments that follow our rules, so if your comment does not show up right away, please be patient and it should appear within a day or so. If you would like your comments to appear right away, simply be careful not to use any “bad” language and leave the links out of your comments.

Thanks for being a good Comics Kingdom citizen! If you have any questions, you can click the “contact us” link to find out more.

 Comics Kingdom's terms of use policy does not tolerate foul language, name-calling or disrespect aimed at our cartoonists, comics fans, subscribers and other commenters. If you have any questions or complaints, or wish to report a concern, please contact We reserve the right to ban any user or strike any comment that we feel is inappropriate or disrespectful to our cartoonists and fans. Thank you!

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