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Feature Spotlight: DeFlocked

Category: Comics

Spring's come to Lubberland Farms, so we decided to spend this week checking in on our fuzzy friends over at DeFlocked, by Jeff Corriveau.

DeFlocked follows the hijinks of a band of (sometimes) lovable misfits who come together to form a sort of ragtag family. Jeff's off-kilter brand of humor and clever characters keep it fresh and surprising. Keep Reading

Feature Spotlight: Rhymes With Orange

Category: Comics

Nothing rhymes with Orange, unless you live in a very particular region of the United States and say "door hinge" really fast. But that hasn't stopped Hilary Price from drawing one of the funniest strips in the world for over twenty years. This week, we're reading Rhymes With Orange, the four-time winner of the Silver Reuben award for best syndicated cartoon panel. Keep Reading

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